McDabb assists independent artists, authors and film makers to sell internationally.

If you already have your products on Amazon simply let us know that you are interested in selling through McDabb and we will add your product to our catalogue.

If you would like our support to get your product onto Amazon, and other international services, we will need to take you through our establishment system.

The most cost-effective way to sell through Amazon is to put your products into the Amazon warehouse and let them do the packing, delivery and processing of the payments. McDabb is organised to handle this service. Amazon has very strict requirements, though. For them to hold a product it has to be selling at least 40 copies a month. McDabb helps you build up the volume of sales to this level, using its own promotional activity and Amazon’s services. That way, as soon as you hit the magic 40, we can simply send your products over to Amazon and start selling for real.

To process the sales in the meantime, we need you to do the packing and posting. You are probably already doing that, so we assume that this should not be a big deal for you. During this phase, we will work with you to ensure that your product meets all the Amazon and US government packaging, coding and taxation requirements.

All you need to do at this stage is provide us with the information about your product and we will work with you to do the rest.

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