macadamia nut farm

You will receive a brood chamber; consisting of two parts should you won’t to split the hive in the future. At the top of the brood chamber is a Perspex lid so that activity in the hive can be observed. Above this you will find a honey super, again with a Perspex top for viewing. Then a lid, followed by roofing tin which is placed on top to provide extra protection to the hive from sun and rain

The hives are made of a material found to have superior insulation qualities to most other materials. We continue to modify and improve our hives where ever possible for the longevity of the bees

The cost of a hive is $495 + $50 delivery. Price includes GST. Currency is in Australian Dollars

If you live on the East coast, on the eastern side of the Great Dividing Range. north of Bega than the answer is most likely yes. The bees can be found slightly further west the further north you travel

Definitely, Tetragonula carbonaria are proven pollinators of many tropical varieties of fruit trees. They also visit numerous vegetables, native and exotic plants.

Yes. Hiring of bees at the time of flowering can be beneficial for farmers as it means one less task they have to manage. By hiring native bees for pollination you do not have to worry about the labour component associated with the task of pollination.

Give them the link to the website, or tell them about the programs available for schools on offer.